Thursday, July 2, 2009

What happened to my blog list???

I was following a lot of good blogs that I enjoy reading. Now, it says I'm not following any! I have to start over! Oh no. . .so here goes. . .I won't be able to find them all again!


  1. That happened to me yesterday but when I logged off and came back they were all there again. Did yours reappear?

  2. Yes, they did! I thought they might, but they didn't at first. I started by following you again, then was going to do all the others. When I went to the LPM blog, it said I was already a follower. . .it didn't do that on yours. Then, Madasyn, Josh and Jase got here, and I got off.
    When I came back, the blog list is all back!
    Silly computers! Glad we have them!

  3. That's a bummer! Did you have them on your blog?

  4. That happened to me a couple times, and they always come back. I know, upset me the first time it happened too! Thanks for your comment on my Healthy Tips today Sandy. I'm hoping it will inspire some to get healthier. I'm hoping to inspire myself just as much, LOL! I like your blog! I'll become one of your missing followers!