Wednesday, July 22, 2009


1. The man who was scheduled to speak at Falls Creek last week had to go to China to
get his baby girl that he and his wife are adopting.
God meant for Andy Harrison to speak last week. He did a wonderful job sharing God's

2. God blessed me with an amazing family group of girls to lead:
5 girls all sure of their salvation, 1 college girl and another woman who I had only spoken
to once before, but now have gotten to know and love very much

3. The girls are joyfully anxious to continue meeting together.

4. The Falls Creek theme this year has encouraged and equipped THOUSANDS of
teenagers to go back home and form "Echo" groups.

5. Many people accepted Jesus as their Savior and many made a recommitment.

6. God is helping us to find the right car to purchase. I HAVE to have a car to get to my
new job. God always provides.

7. God is working on my heart!

God gives us all "wonders" every day! Please share some of yours.


  1. That is just awesome! I bet they just loved you.

    My wonder this week is that God showed me something that it's now time to just let go of. It's been a roadblock and a distraction for some time but I think it's time to release it. Now for the hard part... releasing it. Ha!

  2. Oh, and thank you for the camping tips!!

  3. Hi there Sandy! Love your list! My wonder of the week so far is in more detail in my latest post. My son sincerely apologised without prompting for bad behaviour. He has to always be prompted to apologise but at last I think he is maturing in his understanding of discipline!
    Thank you God as I was wondering if we would ever get to this stage!
    Love Collette xxx