Monday, July 20, 2009

Another Kind of Monday's Mama Moments

Here it is again. . .Psalm 145:4-5

One generation will commend your works to another,
they will tell of your mighty acts.
They will speak of the GLORIOUS SPENDOR of

My heart is trembling with joy and sorrow at the same time for the wonderul bunch of young people that I had the privilege of spending last week with.
I'm having an extra thought provoking Mama Moment Monday, because I am praying for each one of those people especially for the ones who really have no home life and the ones who need and want their parents time and love;
praying to ask God where and how exactly He wants me to join Him in His work with them;
praying that God will use me to minister as much as I can to my new students and that I'll be able to help them learn.

Another kind of Mama Moment from that heart to heart we had with Jase. . .
knowing that Jeff and I have raised all 3 of our children to love the Lord, but wishing we could get back those childhood years to do a better job of teaching them HOW to STUDY the Bible better.

Can't let Satan keep beating us up about that. Just have to start now doing the best that we all can do.

Okay, here's what I would like for you to do. . .
Comment about. . .

how your parents taught you about the Lord

how you are teaching your children and/or other children and youth about the Lord.

some specific ways that You study the Bible


  1. Hi Sandy! You won one of my 200th post prizes! Send me your mailing address so I can get it to you!


  2. Well, my mom didn't really DO anything specifically except let God be the ruler over her life. I saw her authentic relationship grow and I knew it was authentic because it did grow. I learned from her that being in The Word daily is key.

    I recently began teaching Jonah the Lords prayer. he now enjoys asking me if a certain thing that was done wrong to him was a "transpass" ..."Mommy, when Brooks bited me, was that a transpass?" "Yes, Jonah."