Monday, July 27, 2009


After I had already posted my Mama Moments, below, I went to Valencia's blog at

She is celebrating her one year blog anniversary. She asked readers to write a post telling all about ourself, and she also gave a link to a Mom Personality Quiz.

I took the quiz 3 times! I didn't exactly like my first result of ESPN Mom. The second time that I took it, I got the Wii Mom, and the the third time, I got ESPN Mom again.

The fact on the ESPN result that I like to give my children a lot of choices is true, and we did do dance, piano, all sports, some gymnastics and some guitar, but not all at the same time. The result on the Wii Mom about being beside my children, but trying not to hover, was true.

I was going to write more about myself, but my kids are ready to go to lunch. Gotta go! There is enough info. in my about me sidebar and I also have new blog about me as a teacher.

  • Josh spent his last week day off work with us.
  • Jase and I met Kalyn and her girlfriends from her summer camp job for lunch on Saturday, before they went to Six Flags.
  • They invited Jase to go with them, and they had a great time. While there, Jase asked a Six Flags worker if he could tell her a story. He told her the story of the woman in the Bible who had the 12 year bleeding issue, and her Faith healed her. The worker told Jase thank you.
  • Kalyn is home!!!
  • I love hearing Kalyn's voice, all of the stories she has to tell us, hearing her voice together with Jase's voice, hearing her voice together with her Dad's voice.
  • It was a Mama moment for me, when I heard the Dad of my children having his quiet time, as he began his prayer, he said Father out loud, talking to our heavenly Father about our family.
  • lunch and Wal-Mart with Kalyn and Jase and running in the rain.

"Granma-ma Moments"

  • Madasyn is just fine with her Daddy and Mommy leaving her with us for a little while.
  • I love hearing and watching her "read" a whole book with expression!
  • I love the way she enjoys looking at old pictures of our family.

Same great scripture applies again!

Psalm 145:4-5

One generation will commend Your works to another; they will tell of your mighty acts. They will speak of the glorious spendor of Your majesty; and I will meditate on Your wonderful works.

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