Sunday, January 31, 2010

About Me

I am extremely blessed, and my prayer is that I will be a blessing to others.

I was first blessed to be raised in a Christian home with lots of love and guidance.

I am older sister to two brothers. When I was 7, I was blessed by my Dad sitting me in his lap and explaining to me why I should pay attention in church. (after he gave me the spanking he had promised me)

Then, he knelt by my bed with me, as I asked Jesus into my heart.

When I was in high school, I thought that I hadn't really been saved.

I later realized that Jesus did come into my heart when I was 7, but I didn't grow in my walk with Him, as I should have.

I now have a burden to help young girls and my children-who are not children anymore,

to grow in their Christian walk.

When I was 19, I was very blessed to marry the man that God chose to be my husband.

God blessed us by letting us raise 3 children, Josh, Kalyn and Jase for Him.

I am so blessed to be God's daughter, raised by Wayne and Betty;

Jeff's wife-He is my best friend, next to Jesus. Christ is the Center of our marriage.;

"Mom" to Josh, Kalyn and Jase-sometimes called, "Mama";

"Gramma" to Madasyn Shae and Jocyah Thomas David;

blessed greatly by all of our extended family,

and I am blessed to be an elementary special education teacher.


  1. Sandy, YOU ARE SO BLESSED and I have such a different past than you, and yet...Jesus died for both of us and He loves us the same. That is the most amazing thing to me of God. Girlfriend, what a testimony you have to the providence of God that you can live today with no regrets or baggage of any kind. Hallelujah! Love,

  2. I saw one of your art and digital work and found your blog at google while I was looking for a picture verse for my blog- i was blessed more to read your "about me". Truly you are blessed and continue to be a blessing XD