Friday, January 8, 2010

My Theme Word for 2010

I have been inspired by other bloggers who are choosing a theme word to claim for the year of 2010! As an elementary teacher, I love a theme! Several great words that others have chosen came to mind. . .Be. . .Content. . .Focus. . .Peace. . .Joy. . .Hope. . .
Gentleness. . .Faithfulnes. . .
I have prayed about it , given it a lot of thought, and it seems that

For this year, God has given me the word BELIEVE.

First and most important and always, I believe in
Jesus Christ, God and the Holy Spirit.
I believe. . .
that with the strength of the Lord, and only with His help,
I can do whatever He has planned for me to do. Philippians 4:13
I believe that He is always here for me.
I believe that He blessed me with a wonderful husband and blessed us with children.
I believe that He can help me to be the best wife and Mom that I can be.
I believe that I am in the job that God gave me, and He will give me the strength and wisdom I need to fulfill my responsibilities.
I believe in my husband and in my children. . .as long as they are relying on Him.
I believe in Heaven.
I believe that Jesus lives in my heart and is always with me.
I believe that when I die, I'll go to heaven. John 3:16
I believe that it is my responsibility to tell others about Him.

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  1. I just heard of this idea of picking a word for the year yesterday. I do pray about and choose a Scripture theme verse for the year. I will be posting about that soon on my blog. Just wanted to stop by and say hi!

    Hope you're having a great week!