Friday, January 22, 2010

Walking in the Truth

I only have a few minutes to type this post, and there is so much I could say. Parenting is such a big part of my life. We only have one of three children left at home, and these days it seems that he is discipling us as much as we are him, but we are still his parents. He is really a young "Timothy". We are also very proud of our older two children.
Kalyn is loving studying to be a Christian counselor. She is finishing her 3 week Biblical Ethics class today, and will begin her 4th semester at college on Monday. She wrote a wonderful paper on the Marriage Covenant, and quoted her Mom about how God has blessed our marriage, because of our faithfulness.
Josh is a wonderful husband, Daddy, teacher, coach, and mentor to young boys at church.
I have no greater joy than to know that my children are walking in the truth.
III John 4
Oh! How I am going to make a 'fresh start" for this year? On our son's prompting, we are having regular nightly discussions about the Bible and are growing closer to each other and to God.
Also, I read a devotion today, about how our children need us, even after they leave the nest. I am going to be intentional about keeping in contact with our kids.
I am also going to be consistent about writing out my prayers for them.
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I'm off to Houston, to the Scripture Memory Celebration!


  1. OH How fun!!!! Congrats on all your scripture memory! I didn't stick with it long enough...

  2. Thank you for linking up, Sandy!!! Sounds like you have a lot to teach so many of us about raising our kids to know and serve the Lord. It's an honor to have you share a little piece of your mother's heart with us!!

  3. I don't know when you'll see this, but I'm going to be looking for you tomorrow! Hope I can find you! If I don't, please know I tried!!! : ) I hope you're enjoying this celebration so far as much as I am! : )


  4. What a wonderful testament to you and your husband's faith as children of God and as partners raising those entrusted to you!!