Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Praying for my children every day

Brooke at A Life in Need of Change put out a beautiful challenge to moms to pray for our children. She wrote a prayer based on Scripture that she pledges to pray every day for her children.

I have prayed for each of my children, and granddaughter, every day, since the day they were born. Praying for them has always been a big priority for me, and it is something that I want to continue to be commited to.

In the past, I have prayed together with other moms, in Moms in Touch, praying for my children's schools, including college. The format that MiT uses is really great!


I'm having a difficult time getting my thoughts out right now, but I want to get in on this challenge, and just remind myself and others, how important praying for our children is, even when they are grown.

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