Sunday, July 12, 2009


Unbounded grace,
it reached to me,
when hope was gone from view.
In my despair, Christ came to me,
as He alone could do.
Grace was for me, the only way
my guilt could find relief.
My destiny was changed that day,
I reached out in belief.
God's grace does not on me depend.
It's God who is my stay,
His love is offered without end.
He walks with me each day.
The universe with joy will ring
when grace has won the day;
as all creation joins to sing,
"Praise God who paid man's way!"
Unbounded grace,
Amazing grace!

1 comment:

  1. Sandy, you make me laugh...

    I will promise to post the canisters this week all for YOU. :)

    Also, we don't start until about Sept. 1st, so there is no rush... you are the sweetest to remember!

    Have I told you lately that I just love you and your blog? Cause I do! Always such an encouraging word... Happy Sunday evening.