Friday, July 10, 2009


I'm joining Shannon and others again at
to focus on something that we are thankful for about our husbands this week, or ways to show love to your husband or positive things about your marriage. Of course, all of us doing this, love
our husbands every day. This is just a day to focus on special things and to pray for our marrriage and the marriages of the others doing this with us.
Megan is continuing to add to her list of ways to show love to your husband.
Shannon said that her husband's inner strength is one of the things she loves about him. This is very true for me, too.
I do love that my husband has always come through tough times still standing strong and that he has always been strong for our family.
I love that he is my Best Friend.
I love that he calls me "Beautiful" and makes me feel special.
I love that he has a special relationship with each one of our children.
I love that he has wisdom to share with them.
I love that he prays with me and for each one of us every day.
I love that he is spending his vacation time as a sponsor at Falls Creek next week. This is for today and next Friday since I will be lovin' the worship and special time with him there.


  1. I love that you are doing this! What a sweet example of a good way to show your husband love.

  2. I loved reading all the ways that you love your husband. How encouraging! :) I hope you both have a great time at Falls Creek.

  3. What a wonderful list! Hope you have a great time. I prayed for your marriage. . thanks for linking up.

  4. Very sweet! I hope he reads this!