Friday, July 3, 2009

Loving My Husband Friday

Okay, I am new to this "linky" stuff, so I'm not doing it right, yet. I'm trying to copy and paste the header and put the links on correctly. Not doing it, yet. I did it backwards, and already have my blog linked on
Shannon's at
I am joining her and Ellizabeth,
in sharing why I love my husband.

Shannon has declared Friday a day to focus on all the reasons we love our husbands and great things about our marriage.

Jeff and I will celebrate our 27th anniversary on August 7. He still asks me often why I love him. There are so many reasons. That's why we can pick a few every Friday!

I love Jeff first of all because I believe with all my heart that God made us for each other.
I love him because he is the spiritual leader of our family.
I love him because of the way he loves and cares for our family.
I love him because he is so loving!

About marriage. . .we "grew up" together in our marriage and we have been through some rough spots, but we have both been faithful and loyal to each other. Our marriage is very important to both of us.


  1. Thanks for joining in! Almost 27 years - that's great! It took me a long time to learn my way around these linkies, too. I'm still learning, LOL! I prayed for you and your marriage.

  2. Wonderful, thanks for joining us! It's so infrequently that you hear women praise their husbands to others. I usually hear women insulting their husbands. I enjoy hearing other women have good things to say about their hubbys! Thanks Sandy! The easy way to link up, is to go to where the time is at the bottom of your post, right click it, and click on copy link address. Then you go to the Mr. Link box on the persons website (Shannon's in this case), and click it. Put your name in, and then click onto where it asks for your URL. Press Control V, and this will put on the exact link to where you wrote about it! I hope that makes sense! It took me several tries to figure it out too! Have a blessed day!

  3. That is just so awesome... I thought 13 years was an accomplishment, but going on 27 is amazing! You're a wonderful example. Have a fantastic 4th

  4. My parents are the wonderful example. They have celebrated 47! and there are others, when we take the time to look around.
    My Dad brags on my Mom every day!