Tuesday, July 21, 2009

GROUP BIBLE STUDY TUESDAY/ECHO (accountability) Groups

The LPM Summer Siesta Bible Study
Me, Myself and Lies by Jennifer Rothschild
Weeks 3 & 4-Session 3
Jennifer shares the story about being stuck on a plane and the little girl near her playing "I Spy" with her Daddy, and then saying to her daddy, “I spy something good.”
Yes, that did speak to me. I need to remind myself constantly to "spy lots of things good!"

Quotes from Jennifer Rothschild:

“Never let the Enemy be more aware of your weaknesses than you are.”

"A surplus of emotion usually precedes acting without wisdom."

"When we walk with wisdom, it will wear off on us."

"Three Rs to wisdom: Request it, Revere God, and Receive counsel."

"Soul talk is faith's companion, not its replacement."

"The Holy Spirit is Advocate, Defender, Helper, Comforter, and Counselor, a representative of Christ, a Teacher, and the One who reminds us of truth."

"The Holy Spirit's guidance always lines up with the truth of God's Word."

"We need a mentor who can offer wisdom that reaches beyond our own."

"You can choose to place praiseworthy thoughts in your thought closet."

"Our thought closets need daily attention to keep them as Christ intended."

"Asking God to search your heart is a way to be spiritually alert."

"The Holy Spirit can counsel you about the voices you hear and help you tune in to God's."

'Every thought we think is not necessarily our own."

"The Holy Spirt can help us control our thoughts."

"Prayer is the best densive and offensive weapon we as Christ followers have."

"We must fight spiritual battles with spiritual weapons."

"The One who lives within you is greater than the one who roars at the door!"

"Stilling our souls brings peace and calm into our thought closets."

"Just because you don't express anger overtly doesn't mean you don't experience anger."

"We all have desires that battle with us."

"We all need wisdom to recognize and speak truth."

The Interactive Part of this Post:

Do you have a framework set up in your life for consistent accountability? Do you have at least one person in your life who holds you accountable in your pursuit of God and godliness and doesn’t just help you stay comfortable in your strongholds? Look at Jennifer’s statement: “The Enemy goes after the solitary and the silent.” Discuss the fears involved in opening up to accountability and the solutions to those fears. What holds us back? Is it time? Exposure? Fear of confidence being betrayed? Talk about fears, solutions, and the importance of taking the chance.

My answer:
My husband and I do have an Accountability Partner relationship, but I do still have to work on my defensiveness. I Am working on it.

At Falls Creek youth camp, the theme was Echo, relating to Psalm 145:4-5 and our church theme was Cornerstone. . .We are Living Stones. . .I Peter 2:5. I think it is so awesome that thousands of teenagers were encouraged to go back home and form
"Echo" (Accountability) groups.
The girls who were in my family group said Yes!, very excitedly, that they want to continue meeting as a group, one Saturday a month, beginning Aug. 29, for Bible Study, Prayer and a Service Project. I am very excited to be involved with these girls.

I am still looking for the women that I would like to form an Echo/Accountability group with.

Please share with me

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