Thursday, December 31, 2009


It seems everyone is writing a "Goodbye 2009" or "Year in Review" post.

So, I will say "goodbye" to 2009, too. It wasn't a bad year for us. It was probably one of our best. Instead of losing a job, (2009 was a bad year for the nation, economically.)
I got a new job. It is a job that is a lot of work and stress, but Jeff says I'm happier when I'm working. Like others have posted, I see so many around me who have gone through or are still going through very difficult times with very serious health issues. I am very thankful that at this point in our lives, our family members are all healthy.

Of course, I have no idea what 2010 holds, but it seems that each year holds at least some blessings from our Lord. I am already blessed by a very wonderful family, extended family and friends. I know I am going to be blessed by the 2 precious new additions to my brother's family. Hopefully they will be able to adopt the girls this year.

Being wife, mom, daughter, sister, in-law, aunt. . .are all blessings all their own.

Being a teacher is a blessing.

I'm lookin' in on 2010, and I'm very excited to open up the blessings that our Lord will have for us all this year!

Now, I'm off to the Youth New Year's Eve Party!

Happy 2010 to you all!


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  1. Have a Wonderful new year!! I've so enjoyed blogging with you and you always bless my heart!

    Much love,