Monday, December 7, 2009


I need to go to bed, so I will be able to "unwrap" the blessings that this Tuesday will bring, but I'll start it off in early hours of the morning, unwrapping the blessing of having a 16 year old son who. . .

spends every minute he can in personal Bible study,

prays for his family,

asks us to join him in nightly, family devotion time.

I'm also unwrapping the blessing of reading some very inspirational Tuesdays Unwrapped posts.
Join Emily at Chatting at the Sky and unwrap your blessings today.


  1. Wow, that's some kind of 16 year old! So glad you joined in the unwrapping. Tuesdays are my favorite day of the week.

  2. That is an awesome gift...a son who believes and treasures his time with Jesus!

  3. Hi Sandy! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.
    How neat that you will be going to Houston in Jan.
    Do you have blogging friends that you are going with?
    It'll be lots of fun and I definitely want to meet you!

    This post is so sweet. How wonderful that your son knows the importance of daily Bible study and prayer at such a young age. That's great! I know you're proud.

    I'll talk to you again soon!
    Love & blessings,

  4. Sandy, I had to stop in after reading your comment on Valerie's update from our weekend. I would love to meet you in Houston! You and I normally correspond through TT on Joy Comes In The Morning, but if you wanted to see a few more pictures from Deeper Still, hop over to Higher Grounds, and it is the second posting as I just wrote this morning a current God moment. Love to you, Yolanda