Tuesday, December 22, 2009


This is the cute Snowman that welcomes you when you enter our front door.This is our second Christmas in this house that we are renting. We still haven't put the house that we built up for sale, but we will! Home is where ever you are, with the ones you love. This is the wreath on the inside of our front door.
This is the shelf filled with just some of the Christmas decorations that we have.

We have 2 boxes that we didn't unpack this year.

Notice our wedding invitation framed on the right side and the handmade angel.

Here is one of our Snoopy light up decorations, just for fun.

This stocking was made by a very sweet lady who worked as my Foster Grandmother, several years ago. She has gone to heaven, now.

This latch hook Santa was made by my aunt.

She went to heaven in 1984.

This is our tree with gifts under it.

Our 1st Christmas together ornament is

right in the center of the tree.

This is part of our mantle.

What do we Believe in?

We Believe in Jesus.

This is our other Snoopy light up decoration,

with our Priorities wall hanging still on the wall.

(We take down most of our everyday

decorations, but not all of them.)

This wooden stocking was made for us

by a a special friend/co-worker of my husband's

many years ago.

Merry Christmas!

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