Sunday, November 22, 2009

Gonna' Miss This. . .Moment

I really enjoy this blog carnival, but it always makes me sad, too. . .because what do I not miss! I look through pictures, and I miss it all. I am glad we have started over with our granddaughter
. . .wish we had more time with her, but glad for the moments we do have.
Anyway. . .the moment that I'm going to miss with Jase from this week is. . .
his cooking. I sometimes complain when he wants to cook at the same time that I do in our small kitchen, or when he doesn't do the cleaning afterwards, but I shouldn't complain! I am so glad that he enjoys cooking and does it often.
for more Gonna Miss This. . .Moment posts.
I know you are all very thankful for all the moments you have with your family.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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