Wednesday, November 25, 2009


It's Week 8 of Keelie's (Red Writing) 12 Weeks of Christmas, and it's a
Wreath Party!

The wreath at the top of this post was made from

1. a red garland wreath

2. wide ribbon hot glued around, and made into a bow at the top

3. 2 candy canes, hot glued on.

Once again, I had lot's of fun creating easy to make wreaths. This one pictured above was made from:

1. an already made shiny green wreath from Wal-Mart.

2. Then I wrapped a garland with bright Christmas balls around it.

3. Then, I tied an ornament with a scripture verse to the garland at the top.

It looks beautiful on our front door, except from the street, it looks like we have a note on our door! We do. . .it's a note from God!

The picture above and the one below are the same wreath. Just before and after adding the Peace ornament. This wreath and the last one below both started with

1. a hire hanger, stretched out to make a circle.

2. Wrap 15 feet of garland back and forth around the hanger.

3. Hot glue a pretty, wide ribbon on, making it like a ruffle.

4. Hang an ornament with bells hanging down fron the top.

5. Hot glue the Peace ornament to the side.

This one has a blue garland between the green garland and ribbon, has silver pinecones glued on, and it has a JOY ornament hanging from the top, that you can see, if you look closely.

So, I created 4 wreaths, so far, thinking about LOVE, PEACE and JOY!
Be sure to join in the fun at Keelie's big Wreath Party, and the remaining 4 weeks til Christmas!

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