Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gonna miss this. . .moment. . .Having Our Children Home to Decorate the Christmas Tree. . .Child Made Ornaments. . .

It's Week 9, of Keelie's 12 Weeks of Christmas at Red Writing
and the theme is
O Christmas Tree!
I am planning to write another post on this blog, with a full length picture of our Christmas tree in our home, filled with lots of child made ornaments and other pretty ornaments, and pretty multicolored lights. Just wanted to link this post up, too, and share the ornaments that I had mentioned earlier.

Last year, Kalyn was not able to stay long enough to help hang the ornaments on the tree, and this year, she just barely squeezed in hanging a few. We are proud of Josh and how he has made his own family with Adrianne and Madasyn. I'm gonna miss having our children here to help decorate the tree. I'm thinking that we might just have to have a "Tree Decorating Party" and have them still come help us.

Pictured above are the felt ornaments that I mentioned on an earlier post. I miss making ornaments with our children. Jeff said that he likes these, too, and thinks we should try making these again with all of our children and granddaughter this year. I also made a paper one like this with Josh in 1990. The construction paper has faded, but the ornament is still on our tree, with Josh's name written on the back by him. I am planning to try to make some other ornaments with Madasyn, too.


  1. You are right. As mommas, there will always be moments we will miss. I am so glad though God continues to give us "new moments" to enjoy. We are blessed, aren't we Sandy?

  2. YOu should have a party! One thing we do with Justin's family is on Thanksgiving night we all make ornaments. Although we weren't able to be there this year--that is one of my favorite things!!

    Sorry I haven't been commenting lately--I am trying to be on here less so I basically post and run! I will try to catch up sometime this week :)


  3. How sweet! I love the cute little hand ornaments. What a great treasure to pull out every year!

  4. such sweet memories and cutie handprints :D

  5. It's hard when traditions change but I admire how you are keeping them alive. Love the little hand ornaments!