Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yea! It's Siesta Summer Bible Study Launch Day!

I am so excited about doing Jennifer Rothschild's Bible Study,
Me, Myself and Lies
with Beth Moore, and with a small (smaller than all of the Siestas doing it with Beth) Blog group,
"Hopefully Devoted".

Please let me know if you are also doing this study. (and are not in the Hopefully Devoted group)

For today's activities.
1. the icebreaker-Beth asked us to tell what dog breed we are. Our small group leader, Shelli
gave us this link for a quiz to
help us answer that question. http://www.dogster.com/quizzes/what_dog_breed_are_you/

I am a Labrador Retriever.

2. In 160 characters or less, complete a text message prayer request.

Please pray 4 me, I am n the pre-empty nest stage-looking 2 God 4 new purpose, ministry 2 bless others, and a job, keeping my priorities n order
1. God 2. Husband 3. Family 4. Church and others

3. Read Psalm 19 and then share how the scripture has blessed your life.
(See my Sunday, June 14, Scripture Memory Monday post)

Quote from a 6 year old at VBS today:
"You mean they want us to sit down in this sand and play in our new outfits?", Then, she proceeded to sit down and play!

(No time for "Tasty Recipes" today---just VBS, Camden and Bible Study!)
Have a great day!


  1. I'm doing it too! (still don't have my book though) Yay!

  2. Dog-gone-it! I'm a poodle!!

    (hee, hee)