Sunday, June 14, 2009

Scripture Memory Monday

I am still working on memorizing Psalm 112:1-8NIV with "Mama Beth".
(See the June 1st post.)
I have Proverbs 3:3 and James 1:19-20 down mentally, but am continually working on being "quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry. . ."
I already have found verses for July and August, that I think are the ones God wants me to work on at those times.
Scripture Memory is really helping me to grow. . .at 46, I am wishing I had been better at it long ago! I did work on it in GAs and did have good youth ministers, but I just did not grow in my walk. I am so glad that all 3 of my children take their walk with the Lord very seriously already!
I know that I could save this as a Draft and post it tomorrow, but. . . don't want anything to happen to keep me from doing it before I take off for youth camp, so I'm going to go ahead and push that orange button.
I hope that you will be praying for the youth that will be at Falls Creek Baptist Youth Camp in Davis, OK this week and all of the remaining weeks of the summer. I hope that I can be an "echo" to the next generation and help at least one young person start being an "echo" in theirs.
Psalm 145:4NIV
One generation will commend Your works to another; they will tell of your mighty acts.

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