Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday's 7 Wonders of the Week

1. Casting Crowns Concert/Josh Hamilton testimony (Ranger game)
2. Joined a new church family.
3. Jase got to go to Super Summer Christian Leadership camp.
4. A day with Mom, Dad, Josh and Madasyn, including:
lunch out, my Angel Food birthday cake made by Mom with strawberries and cool whip, Hide 'n Seek with Madasyn, hugs from Madasyn, Madasyn talking to "Granma Sandy", smelling the flowers with Madasyn, shopping with Mom . . .
5. A Tornado uprooted and split trees and knocked the fence down in our back yard, but did
not hurt us!
6. seeing Kalyn at Falls Creek!
7. sensing God's Love and Amazing Grace!


  1. Would have loved the concert and also Josh Hamilton's testimony. I definitely recommend his book "Beyond Belief."