Monday, August 24, 2009


Today, has definitely been a Mama Moments Monday, and I was so glad to see the title on the LPM blog, "Back to School Prayers".
Josh began his second year as a teacher in the classroom today. He is at the same disrict, but in a different position, so in a way, it will be a first year again. I am praying for him. I trust that he is going to have a great year.
Kalyn left for college last Thursday. We went to take her a few things this weekend, and to be with my brother, sister-in-law, and nephew, after they moved my niece into the same college with Kalyn. We only got to see Kalyn for a few minutes on Saturday, and a few minutes on Sunday. She was stressed with a busy schedule. I am praying for her. I also trust that she is going to have a great year.
Jase has completed 8 days as a sophomore in high school. It is so different from this time last year. Instead of being in turmoil over the move, he is a Christian leader at his school.
Our nephew Caden, had his first day in middle school, in a new town, today. I am praying for him.
Our nephew Zachary,will have his first day of high school on Wednesday.
Melanie will have her first day of college classes on Wednesday.
Our nephew, Camden is in 1st grade.
I am so thankful for my new job, my students, and all of the staff that I work with. I am in contact with so very many students and families with special needs that I am praying for.
I may add more to this post later.
PLEASE, comment to let me pray for you and your children.


  1. Thank you for the encouraging words on my blog today! I really needed to hear them.

  2. Your prayers are very appreciated!! As are you. :)

  3. I have learned this week just how important it is to be fervent in prayer for your children as my little one started school.
    Love Collette xxx