Friday, August 7, 2009


Songs of Songs 5:16KJV

. . .This is my beloved, and this is my friend. . ."

Our Wedding Invitation

This day

I will marry my friend

The one I laugh with,

live for, dream with,


"Believing that Holy mariage is ordained by God

and in the Spirit of Christian joy. . ..

My card to Jeff today:

When I tell you "I love you,"

it means so much more than

just three little words.

it means that your happiness

is so important to me,

that I desire many blessings in life for you.

It means that I always want

to be there for you,

no matter what happens.

It means that I would rather be with you

than anyone else in the world.

It means that you're not only

my partner in life,

but also my bery best friend.

The longer we love,

the more "I love you" means.

It means that

I respect you so very much. Eph. 5:33

It means that I really want to

treat you like I love you and that

I am truly sorry for when I don't.

With All My Love

On Our 27th Anniversary

Loving My Husband Friday is for taking the time to focus on the positives of marriage. A time to build up your marriage and your spouse. Focus on something you love about your husband,something he did to encourage you this week, or just a tip on how to keep your marriage strong. Let your husband know you're bragging on him...everyone loves praise and accolades. Try to spend the rest of your week focusing on all the great traits of your spouse...especially when your tempted to focus on the bad! And don't forget to pray for your husband and marriage as you write your post.Add a link to your post to Mr. Linky. Then pray for the marriages of the others who post, and give each other a little encouragement to keep our marriages strong!Link up at


  1. Happy Anniversary!! Prayed for your marriage - for 27 more years together. Thanks for joining in.

  2. Happy Anniversary. Love your sweet wedding photo!

  3. Ah, how sweet! Happy 27th Anniversary! I'm praying for you and the husband God hand selected for you.

  4. Happy Anniversary!! Sorry I'm a little late...busy day today! Will be praying for another 27 years for you and hubby! God Bless, hope you had a great day!

  5. Hi this is Valencia from Buildeth Her House. You've won the crayon roll from Pajamama. Just visit her page and email her your address, so that she can sent it to. Congrats and thanks for celebrating with me.

  6. Wow Sandy, August 7 is my wedding anniversary too! We celebrated 16 years. Congratulations on your 27!