Friday, March 18, 2011

FRIDAY "A LITTLE HAPPY BLOG HOP". . .handprint cross. . .

I have been blessed the past few weeks by Kristin's Living Graciously blog. Today, she is hosting A Little Happy Blog Hop, for us to share ONE picture that we took that makes us smile.

Here's one I found. . .

It was taken in the youth room of my brother's church at which he is the youth minister. It makes me smile to remember that Jesus paid the debt for my sins. It makes me smile to remember that He is alive. It makes me smile to think of the teenagers represented by these handprints and the people who are investing in their lives. It makes me smile to think about the youth in my life.
Share with us a picture that makes you smile! :-)


  1. Beautiful photo and sentiment! Nice to meet you bloggy friend!

  2. What a special image. Love the ideas of the hands making the cross. Thank you so much for joining in our blog hop this week!

  3. Oh SAndy....I LOVE this picture!! No wonder it made you smile! I LOVE how both you and your brother invest in the lives of children....What amazing examples you are!

    Love you!