Wednesday, March 9, 2011

COUNTING IT ALL JOY WEDNESDAY. . .Being alert for God's Plan!

I count my JOYS every day, and look forward to Count it ALL JOY Wednesday to share with you.

This week,

I am sad that the teacher that I work with had a bad fall a month ago, and hasn't been able to come back to work, yet.

I count it all JOY that maybe the fall has caused a medical problem that she already had to come to light, and given her time to get rested and healed.

I count it all JOY that I am now the "sub" for that class and able to help.

I am sad that I made mistakes as a teenager, but counting it all JOY that I am able to help with The Landing, the youth branch of Celebrate Recovery.

What's giving you JOY this week?

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Thank you, Angel!
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It fills me with JOY to pray for Angel's son Shane as he is deployed to serve our country, and also my friend/neighbor Jama's husband, John. I am praying for them and their families!


  1. Hi Sandy,
    Glad you have been able to minister to this one by helping out even more than normal!

  2. I love it when we see the Lord working things for the good for those who Love HIM.

    I will be saying a prayer for the teacher and for you as you sub! There is no doubt you are such a blessing to the kids ~ all of them young and old. I love how you serve the Lord and bring HIM such glory in all of it!

  3. Don't you just love to watch God take something that might seem "not a good thing" like your teacher friend...& turning it into a praise! Yeah!!
    I am sub's nice to have a job each day that you are familiar with! I bet those kids love you girl!

    And it fills me with JOY that you are taking your experiences & teaching & loving others for Jesus! Amen sister!! Have a great week!

  4. What a great idea and reminder to count it all joy!