Sunday, July 18, 2010

This Week

This week, . . .
(Monday's Mama Moments)
I am going to be a sponsor at youth camp.
One of my own son's and my daughter will be there.
I will be the best "Mama" I can be to my family group of girls.
I have to leave camp Tuesday to go to a funeral of a 21 year old young man, who was just diagnosed with cancer 7 months ago. I can not imagine that feeling of parents!
(Proverbs 3:5-6--I can not lean on my own understanding. Also, see Kelly Minter's song, I Lay Down,

(Tuesday Bible Study)
Amanda, Shelli and anyone else who would like to, please leave your answers to Beth's questions as comments here. Thank you!!!

(Why I Count It All Joy Wednesday)
It fills me full of JOY to be a sponsor at youth camp.
It fills me full of JOY to see people come to Christ.

(Thankful Thursday)
I am very thankful for youth camps.
I am very thankful for my church family.

(Family Friday)
I love being with my family and my church family at camp!

Have a blessed week!


  1. Good Morning Sandy, Ok my post was on Time this morning! It sounds like your time will be a busy week girl! I will be praying for you, and that in this week will be a time of refreshing for you! Be careful!, have fun, and Be Blessed:)!

  2. Sandy, good luck at camp this week. Maybe I can see you on Tuesday.

  3. Hi Sandy, I hope you had a great week at camp. Some of Beth's questions were tough this time, but here goes:

    1) I can't think when I was ever overcome by a man's kindness, but I do remember in high school a boy told me, out of the blue, that I had beautiful eyes. I knew he already had a girlfriend and that he wasn't after anything. It was just a genuine compliment and I have never forgotten it.

    2) The best I can think of is how God orchestrated bringing my husband and me together. I chose a particular college because it was supposed to be great for future medical students; my major was biology. I met Eric, and then gave up the idea of becoming a doctor, changed my major, and even had to change schools after the first two years. But God brought us together at that college at the right time to meet one another.

    3)I just couldn't think of anything in particular for this one, at least nothing profound.

    4) Boaz promised to be the kinsman redeemer if the closer relative did not. I think I would have been relieved and scared. Relieved that I would have a redeemer, but scared that I didn't know who he was. Boaz had already showed her such kindness that she knew she would have been in good hands with him as her redeemer; there were no such guarantees with the closer relative.

    5)Sorry, no brand new insight. But I am enjoying this study immensely. It is just speaking to me right where I am at. I'm sad that we are already almost done.

    Blessings to you, Sandy!

  4. Hi Shelli, (and Amanda and anyone else wanting to jump in)
    Yes, I had a great week at camp, but by Thursday, I couldn't stand wandering what Beth's questions were. . . I had to ask someoe if I could get on their computer. My home group usually meets on Tuesday, but had to reschedule for Friday, so that most of the group could be there. I really missed being there with them.
    Yes, her questions are a little tough. I'm thinking maybe next time, my in person group does need to just go ahead and plan on waiting til later in the week to meet, so that everyone can think about the questions and summing up this study.
    My answers:
    1. My husband's unconditional love for me

    2. I also feel that God orchestrated mine and my husband's getting together, staying together, and He continues to orchestrate everything in our lives.

    3. Currently applying for jobs, watching and praying. . .

    4. Lots of mixed emotions, thankful, hopeful, anxiously praying, wondering. . .

    5. Not really NEW insight, but very important reminders and "rechargers":
    "Sometimes we are told to quietly lean on our Savior and rest. At other times, Godcalls to actively wait. But we are always to stay close to our Redeemer."

    "Our ultimate Redeemr not only wanted to spread His wings overs us, but gave His life so He could."

    "And, yet, in true Ruth form we see her serving and active in her waiting."

    "It's about the hesed she had shown Naomi and Yahweh. It's about her character."

    Thank you, Shelli, for sharing your answers with me!

  5. Haven't visited with you in awhile. Sounds like you've been a very busy bee.

    I just started a series called Simple Pleasures on Thursdays (had first one last week). I hope you'll link up some Thursday.

  6. Have to do my post in 2 parts sorry. Google said I used too many characters.

    Richmond, VA
    7 including myself

    I’m so sorry that I’m just updating the blog about our session 2 bible study. It’s been a crazy few weeks for me but I think its finally starting to settle down. I know that God is doing some amazing stuff in myself and my ladies because the devils attacks have been intense. Were all aware of this and lifting each other up in prayer and not letting any of these attacks get in the way of our bible study. On the night of session 2 a storm blew in and as we all sat down to eat dinner and discuss the study the power actually went out LOL! So we had a bible study by candlelight. What the devil means for bad we can always turn for the good. It was kind of a really nice ambience to sit around a candle lit kitchen table and talk about Ruth.

    In question number one we were asked about a random act of kindness. I was able to share about a time when I was 18 and really just lost financially. A man in my church decided to out of the bottom of his heart help me out. He had his wife take me grocery shopping. Then they came to my house gave me a desk and a computer and taught me how to manage my finances with general bookkeeping. He didn’t have to do this, but he just had a huge heart and it was such a blessing I will never forget.

    Question number 2 “Describe an encounter where God orchestrated and experience where you and your family could say, only God could have known”

    (i’m using only first initials for my ladies to keep their privacy)

    T- She was deep in the middle of a custody battle for her daughter S. She had to fly out for a business meeting and was just exhausted. While at the airport and issue came up and she missed her flight. She was at a point with the custody battle that she had done everything that she could and now she just had to wait. While sitting at the airport she was reflecting on this and just how exhausted and tired she was. She went to the gate to try and figure out her travel arrangements. She found out she would have to stay the night for the next flight out and like I said she was just exhausted. This worker at the airport helped her out. He got her a new flight, meal set her up in a hotel for the night and then he did something else. He pulled her aside and said he just needed to share something with her. He said that he really felt like God had a message for her that the battle was over. That the fight was over and that she was about to enter the land of milk and honey. T was stunned they talked more and shared more and she came to find out that this man was a pastor in his full time job and was just working at the airport on the side. That message he shared with her really stuck with her. Shortly after she got home she got a phone call about the situation with her daughter S and that she needed to immediately come get her. She finally had full custody and her daughter S was out of a bad bad situation. The message God had for her is still being fulfilled and she feels truly blessed by the random man at the airport and his word from God. She was so tired and exhausted and had done everything she could and God worked out the rest.

  7. Part 2 of my post:

    Question number 3 “Describe a time when you’d done everything you could do and then had to wait for someone else’s response.”

    I myself had an example of this in my life. I told the story from the viewpoint of my dad. He and my mom got divorced when I was 2 years old and my mom got custody of me. I was in a really bad situation with her she was doing drugs there was a lot of abuse going on and my dad did everything he could to fight for custody of me. He became a christian and in faith he began to make a room for me at his house. He did this in faith and left the rest in Gods hands. Shortly after finishing up my room he got a phone call a situation came up and my mom immediately gave him full custody of me. And I am so grateful that God worked out the details on this. I was removed from a really unstable and abusive situation and raised in a christian home. It affected the whole path of direction for my life.

    Question number 5 “Share a new insight gained through this study regarding Christ as our kinsman redeemer.”

    We all shared how seeing this story through Ruth has been a great eye opening experience to spot the areas in each of our lives where God has redeemed us. So far we have all really been blessed through this study.

  8. Oh wow! Amanda, thank you so much for sharing these touching stories from you and your group! Shelley, thank you so much for sharing your answers. I will look forward to concluding this study with you all next week with gathering #4. . .don't really look forward to concluding it, but will look forward to your answers and to continuing to connect with you both, readng your blogs! Looking forward to Beth's questions next Tuesday. I will try to post a summary of our sharing on the LPM blog today. Thank you both again!

  9. Shelli! I'm sorry I misspelled your name again! I have another friend with that name, and I keep trying to keep you 2 straight, but keep messing up. sorry!