Wednesday, July 7, 2010


This week, Lynn at "Spiritually Unequal Marriage" shares about going back for a 50th Anniversary Celebration and getting together with old childhood friends, and asks us to think about friendships, too, and about who we might need to contact.
I do have a special friend that I grew up with, my maid of honor, who I email, text, and call, but haven't gotten to be with in a very long time. I will give her a call tomorrow! I have special memories of several friends from long ago.

I already posted pictures on my Counting It All Joy Wednesday post of my Bible study friends who I am extremely thankful for.
I also posted a picture of Valerie, a blogging friend, that I got to meet this week.
I am thankful for all of you wonderful, kindred spirits that I have met through blogging and would really like to get to spend time with in person.

Before I read Lynn's post, I was already thinking about how very thankful I am for

the true friendship that I have with my husband. I am always thankful for Jeff and all that he does for our family and for me.

friendships that we have developed with people in the four towns that we have lived in together, and friends from our childhoods and teenage years.

the phone calls we received from friends that led to a nice, young couple asking to rent our home in Texas. I am so glad that they are in it. They are already taking such great care of it.

I am also thankful for websites that allow us to track the airplanes our son rides on and to get brief, nightly posts from him about his experience.

I am thankful for friends who have supported him and are praying for him.

I am so thankful that Jesus is our friend!

What are you thankful for today? Join us in sharing our thanksgivings this week by visiting
Lynn at "Spiritually Unequal Marriage" and our host, Greg at Greg's General Store.


  1. Been following your blog for awhile now. Not sure if I ever told you that I taught Sp Ed for 6 years... HS Severe/Profound. It was quite a challenge! I am working with seniors now, as a Recreational Therapist. I enjoyed your thankful list this week. :) I smiled when you talked about your friendship with your husband. I consider Ron to be my best bud, too. Happy Thankful Thursday! See you on Spiritual Sunday?

  2. Happy Thankful Thursday!! I am also thankful to friendship that was built by faith in God, This kind of friendship is one great blessing and I am so grateful I have one!

  3. Friendships are true blessings.

  4. A wonderful, thankful post.

  5. Great "thankful" list once again, Sandy!!!

  6. Friendships truly re a grace from God. Enjoy yours.

  7. Precious! You are such an encouragement!

  8. I enjoyed your thankful many blessings!

  9. Oh yes what a beautiful thankful post. Thanks for sharing it. I am glad I came by and met you today. BTW I need to put my blog on the Texas Blog list. We must be neighbors.
    Nice to meet you.

  10. Friends are such blessings...especially friendships with our husbands!

  11. Love your thankful list!! Friendship is such a blessing from God!!

    Love and Blessings

  12. the true friendship that I have with my husband. I am always thankful for Jeff and all that he does for our family and for me.

    I loved reading this especially as I I love praises for husbands. Neat.

    See you next week. Lynn