Thursday, July 15, 2010


I am so thankful for Jase's safe return and for this hug and the love between us.
I am so thankful for the interactions
Jase is able to have with people.

I am so thankful for
the promise of
our future in God's kingdom,
if we have prayed
and invited Jesus Christ
into our hearts.
I am so thankful
that God
has forgiven
my sins.
I am so thankful for all Jase learned about diverse cultures and intentional living, and what he is teaching us.
Today, I am so thankful that I can
"trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding;
in all my ways, I am acknowledging Him,
and He is making my paths straight." Proverbs 3:5-6
I am trusting God to fulfill His promises for my life for Him.

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  1. I am joining you in thankfulness of having your son home and for all he did for the Kingdom! May the seeds grow and bear godly fruit!!!

    I love your love post as well! Isn't that awesome that we get to post about Love & Joy on Wednesdays :) God is soo good!
    Love you my friend

  2. What an AWESOME way of sharing for Thankful Thursday...I 'm thankful for all of you wonderful women of God who DO share your walk with us in your beautiful blogs!!!
    Your all a blessings to my heart and day..
    Do pop by mine when you can...I'd be honored
    Blessings and Hugs Dena

  3. What great photos!! SO glad for you!

  4. Great post!! After stumbling on your blog last night, I couldn't wait to get back and find pictures of your son's mission trip as you'd mentioned...however, I'm so glad that God is all-knowing and has a sense of humor, bc I was surprised to see the first sentence with the name of your son being Jase...I'd been praying over "Josh's" safe return, teehee! Sorry I'd "miswritten" in my first comment to you!

    So glad he's home safe and grew closer to the Lord in the process of ministering to others :)

  5. K...still getting to know your family thru pictures...well, I guess both your sons were prayed over, since Jase was the one on mission trip and Josh is your older one! I'll get it down soon enough :)

  6. Such an amazing thankful post.

  7. Yay!!! So glad Jase made it home and you got to hug him!!! I know how wonderful that is!! I remember the first time one of my kids came home from a mission trip, the tears, the stories, all the things we learned from them!!

    Love this post!!

  8. Hello again,,,I came back to add as a follower in the walk with Christ,,but your follower thingy wasn't working at the time i did my 1st note to you...Thanks for the notes and i do hope we can get to know each other better..
    Happy Friday coming up~~~Hugs Dena

  9. I am thankful for sitting on my in-law's porch watching the fireflies. For the heat and humidity of Maryland.

  10. What an awesome experience your son must have had! How nice for you and the rest of the clan to have him back home. :)

  11. Beautiful thankful post. It's a blessing to read your words of gratitude.

    Have a wonderful Friday.