Thursday, February 17, 2011

SIMPLE PLEASURES THURSDAY. . .recess! (swings and slides)

SIMPLE PLEASURES THURSDAY is the place and time to slow down and think about the special, simple thing that is giving you pleasure, sort of like a recess! Since I have been joining Dayle's party at A Collection of This and That on Thursdays, it has made me think everyday about my "simple pleasures".
I have been thinking about my "simple pleasures" this week, as I have been
Going high on a swing,
on breezy days,
looking forward to Spring,
pointing my feet high to the sky,
watching a bird fly by.
One of the definitions of
recess-a temporary withdrawal from or halting as of work, business, or study
in elementary school, a scheduled period of relaxation or play, esp. outdoors
The British word for recess is break.
I'm hoping you'll have time to slow down today, take a "recess" and think about YOUR Simple Pleasures. . .and give someone a hug!
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  1. I still love to play on the swings - and I'm no spring-chicken anymore lol!
    It's a joy-bringer :-)

  2. Oh gosh....there is something so special about going to the park and sliding isn't there! No matter how old we get, sliding is always fun! A simple pleasure indeed! Especially when the weather has been as wonderful as it has here ....Isn't this awesome!

    Love and hugs!

  3. I loved this definition! I need to take a recess each day somehow. *grin*

    Blessings in Him<><

  4. Its wonderful to just stop and take recess and have some simple child like fun !! thanks for sharing your simple pleasure

  5. Sandy, what a delightful Simple Pleasures post. Every week, I'm blown away by the wonderful bloggers who gather to share. It really makes me smile. So glad you joined in.

  6. Recess..yes, a great simple pleasure...and here in Texas we are starting to enjoy the warm spring weather!