Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Simple Pleasures. . .Happy 21st Birthday, Beautiful Daughter!

Today, on Kalyn's 21st birthday, with her away at college, my simple pleasure is. . .
pictures to look at and remember all the joy she has given to our family.
The moment she was born, I actually clapped my hands! She has been a true pleasure to us all of her life!
It is also a simple pleasure to talk to her on the phone.
It's a simple pleasure to count the days til she'll come home next weekend.

It's a simple pleasure to thank God for how beautiful she is inside and out, and for the way He uses her everyday. I BELIEVE He has an awesome plan for her future!

It brings me pleasure each day just to think, "What are my simple pleasures this week?", and I've been thinking. . ."hugs". . ."Hugs from our granddaughter, Madasyn. . .hugs from my husband. . .hugs from each of our kids. . .hugs from students. . .hugs from friends. . ." I should have saved this one for Valentine's Day week, but I didn't. I may have to use it again!

Give someone a hug today! It's an easy way to give them a simple pleasure!

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  1. Happy birthday to your lovely daughter!!
    I agree with you, hugs are pure pleasure :-)

  2. Love hugs
    LOve giving them
    Love getting them
    You can never have too many of them
    Love hugs
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  3. your dgt is stunning....A big birthday wish for her. They way you write about her and your the best. Wishing you a gentle day....

  4. Happy birthday to your daughter! May you have a wonderful visit next weekend.
    And, hugs are an amazing blessing of love.

  5. Great list of simple pleasures... my only daughter turns 20 in April...oh where does time go?
    Yes snow here and cold...I have heard you all had a bad storm...memories are being made and we are all safe...that is a true answer to prayer.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and I am enjoying reading yours.

  6. This one got a big smile and and "awww" from me. I totally relate and think that this is a wonderful simple pleasure!

    Happy Birthday to your simply lovely daughter!

  7. sweet... nothing like a mother--daughter love

  8. Oh Happy Birthday to your girl! Truly the Lord has blessed you with such a wonderful daughter and having a close relationship is truly Divine!!

    Stay warm my friend!! Love you!

  9. She is a beautiful girl, isn't she, Sandy?! Oh, my gosh...I can't imagine your feelings of celebrating her birthday with her away. I didn't go away, didn't go to College, even. I grabbed up a job in my little old home town - right across the field from where I grew up, where my mom and dad lived. I imagine my oldest not going far from us, either. He wants to buy the house next door, so he says :)

    Happy 21 years to you, Sandy :)

  10. What a treasure you dd must be. And I can relate to a child far away. For a short time my 1ds and his new bride are close by but may not always be. I LOVE hugs! They are a HUGE simple pleasure. And it was such a good reminder not to take them for granted.

    Blessings in Him<><

  11. She is a beautiful girl!

    I also love hugs - a real simple pleasure.


  12. Happy Birthday to your daughter! What a milestone. She is beautiful - inside and out. Aren't daughters treasures?

  13. Such a lovely post about a mother's sweet love
    for her child!

  14. Love this, Sandy. What a special daughter. You're blessed to have each other.

  15. Happy birthday to your sweet daughter! I'm sure she just is so filled with joy to have you as a mom! Am off to give some hugs!