Friday, February 26, 2010

THANKFUL THURSDAY (on Friday-new host. . . )

For months I've joined many other bloggers in TT with Sonya at Truth 4 the Journey. She recently took a sabbatical from posting. A few of us continued posting on our own or linked up with Lynn, Laurie, and Iris at the site that I linked up to with yesterday's post.
I just found out that Greg at Greg's General Store is taking over for Sonya. Welcome Greg!!
I don't always show it with the ones I live and work with, but I am always extremely grateful. I posted in a hurry yesterday morning, and joined Iris in her theme of "Something New".
I am going to continue in that theme with this late Thankful post.
I am thankful for:
a new host for this Thankful Thursday.
our youth minister's new baby girl, a 3rd for their family.
a new round of antibiotics, on the way to recovery from Strep Throat.
a day at home to rest and be renewed and well.
a new, beautiful sunrise every morning!
What are you thankful for, even though it's not Thursday! : )
Share with me, please!


  1. I am thankful that it is Friday. It was a long week for me, with family problems and struggling to get the TT post out on time and so many things I just don't have time to mention. But through it all I am thankful for everything and every opportunity that God gives me. Thank you for joining in. I will take some sunrise photo's for you. I Love watching the sunrise. It signals a new beginning.

  2. I am thankful for "so great a salvation." We dare not neglect it lest we drift away, the writer of Hebrews says. Amen to that. Christ who knew no sin became sin for us! Hallelujah. What a Savior.

    Thanks for stopping by and cmmentng on my post "The Secret." Renewing the mind with the Word of God and relinquishing the will and walking in obedience to the Spirit of God is the secret to living the victorious life. Shame on us for so often neglecting to do either or both! I am painfully behind on returning me some "comment love" to those who paused long enough to leave a note. For that I apologize, but occasionally life does get in the way.

    In several weeks we are launching a new website for our ministry, Standng Near the Cross, and my blog will be incorporated into the website at I will continue to post on my current Typepad blog account for several months and have a link to the new blog when it goes live. I hope you will "make the move" with me and continue to stay in touch through the blogosphere. My goal is to encourage and inspire women through study of the Word of God-taking the profound truths of God's Word and making them practical for daily living!! May God bless you and keep you as the apple of His eye! Blessings.

  3. Sweet and precious list, Sandy, and I'm thankful for you.