Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Praying for my children and granddaughter every day---checking in

I joined Brooke at A Life in Need of Change last month, in agreeing to pray for our children every day this year. This week, she is having us "check in" to share how we are doing on this commitment, and she has a give away, too. You can still join in.

My husband and I both pray for each of our 3 children every day, and when we pray for our oldest son, Josh, we also pray for his family-Adrianne and Madasyn. We pray with our youngest son, Jase, who is still at home, sometimes 3 or 4 times a day, sometimes just once. Sometimes, we pray in the morning, before we all leave. After Jase asked us to, we have been having nightly devotions. . .not every night, but we try. We always begin and end our devotion with prayer, and then pray again when we go to bed.

Jase, our almost 17 year old son (our youngest)

Below is the prayer that I posted on Kalyn's birthday, Feb. 3.
There are pictures of her on my sidebar.

My Prayer for Kalyn
Dear Lord,
I know that Kalyn does "know full well"
that"your works are wonderful",
that she is "fearfully and wonderfully made".
I know that she knows that You have
"plans to prosper" her
and "not to harm" her,
"plans to give hope and a future".
I know that Kalyn does
trust in You with all her heart.
I just pray that she never forgets
any of that for 1 second.
I just pray that on those days
when she feels like she's not good enough,
she'll quickly remember
none of us are good enough. . .
but because of You,
she is always
Beautiful and the Best,
created by You,
for a Purpose,
a life to serve and glorify You.
I pray that she'll build the special relationships
that You give to her,
but that she'll never
look to anyone for more than they can give. . .
for that comfort that
only You can give.
Dear Lord, I know that
You have a very special purpose
for my beautiful daughter.
I know that You are going to use her
to counsel and minister to many people.
I thank You that
You are always with her,
in everything she does.
Dear Lord,
I thank You
so much,
for allowing me
to be her Mom.

As I said, we also pray for Josh, Adrianne and Madasyn every day. There are pictures of them on my sidebar, too. I am working on writing a prayer for them and one for Jase, too.

I do love watching how Madasyn is growing. (too fast, of course, cherishing every minute)

She already knows how to pray, and I know she will continue to grow in her knowledge of God, and I pray that, when God is ready, she will ask Jesus into her heart and develop a relationship with him.

Madasyn Shae, our 3 1/2 year old granddaughter

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  1. Thanks Sandy! I deleted your student post for you this morning! You're ready to re-enter anytime today before 10 PM EST.

  2. Your leaving such a precious legacy sweet Friend.

  3. Oh Sandy, This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing this idea (and prayer) with us. I love the idea of having a prayer for each child. I will bring my husband over to look at this and see what he thinks.

    You are a precious woman of God! Keep shining that light.

    Sonya Lee