Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Blogroll

There are hundreds of wonderful blogs that I am following. You can find them all on my profile page. These are some to begin my Blogroll page. I will come back and add to it. If I spend time reading your blog, I really am inspired by YOU! Thank you so much for sharing.

A Life in Need of Change
Brooke, a very inspirational blogger, that I just happened to find, but so glad I did!

Farmgirl Paints

I think I found Becky's blog through Sasha's (Lemonade Makin' Mama). Becky is a very creative painter and blogger!

Hopefully Devoted

a hopeful one--Shelli, who I found through The LPM Blog last summer when she hosted a blogging small group for the summer Siesta Bible study.

Higher Grounds

Joy Comes In The Morning

Yolanda, is another one I found on line, through Thankful Thursdays, Spiritual Sunday and The LPM Blog, and got to meet her in Houston! I enjoy both of her blogs and all of her encouragement very much! Both of the blogs listed just above belong to Yolanda.

Lemonade Makin' Mama

Sasha. . .I don't remember how I found her blog. . .but glad I did! You're sure to like her blog!

Lions, Tigers, and Boys, Oh...

I found this fun Mama blog in November, through Red Writing's (below) Twelve Weeks of Christmas.

Red Writing

My friend, Keelie's blog. She is not blogging on this site as much as she used to, but it is still very active. She is a very creative writer. . .and just a very creative person. At this time in her life, she is focusing on being the best Christian, Wife and Mom possible, and also "on getting her body back in shape, as God intended." In her former life, (and probably future,) someday, she was an elementary art teacher.

So Long Insecurity Siesta Site

This blog site was begun by Judi Coates, to host a smaller group for the LPM (Beth Moore) book discussion for So Long, Insecurity.

Spiritual Sundays
This blog is co-hosted by Charlotte and Ginger.

Texas-Blogging Gals

This site was begun by my friend, Diana, as a networking site for Texas bloggers.

Living Proof Ministries Blog

just in case you don't already know about The LPM Blog, it is Beth Moore's Living Proof Ministries, along with her daughters, Amanda and Melissa. It is a wonderful community of "Siestas"!

To Everything A Season
Diana-My friend, who began the Texas-Blogging Gals site. She is a Christian, career educator, Wife, Mom, Grandma, Cook, Creative person, great blogger!

Sonya's Web Page

Truth4theJourney-Sonya is another one that I just "found" on-line, but am very glad I did. She is an inspiration. She was host of one Thankful Thursdays meme, but she is taking a blog sabatical to work on her writing of devotionals.

Valerie Chris

A wonderful, fellow Oklahoma blogger and fellow "Siesta", that I met through the LPM blog. I enjoy her blog very much and know that she is a special lady.