Sunday, October 4, 2009

MONDAY'S MAMA MOMENTS. . .mama's Christmas wish list. . .

I am usually one to wait til after Thanksgiving to start getting ready for Christmas, but then the time gets away from me, and we're shopping on Christmas Eve, all stressed out.
I'm joining my friend, Keelie, aka Red Writing, for her 12 weeks of Christmas.
Week 1 is "Lists". The lists that have already linked up are all different, creative and inspiring.
I decided to go with "Mama's 'WHAT I REALLY NEED for CHRISTMAS' list"

This year, what I really NEED is

1. to sell our house in Texas. (but to sell it, we have to get it ready for the market,
and actually put a For Sale sign out in the yard!-Just been 13 months since we moved out!)
2. to get good wish lists from each of our kids, dil, granddaughter, parents,
nephews, nieces and in-laws, so that we can start looking for good gifts now,
and to know what to get special for my husband, too. I'm already going to
get tickets to the TransSiberian Orchestra, but that's for his birthday! (Dec. 20!)
3. to plan ahead and start making some special gifts, now. (Thank you, Keelie, and
others for the inspirtation.)
4. to have quality, unrushed time with each of our family members during the
5. to get good pictures to capture the memories.
6. to see Christmas through the eyes of our 3 year old granddaughter.
7. to stay calm, remember the "reason for the season" and see Christmas through
the eyes of Mary.
Now, go on over to Red Writing's blog, to see all the other lists, and to see the details, including prizes, write your own post, and link up!


  1. How great to have a 3 yr old grandchild to spoil at Christmas! I'm sure Christmas will be magical.

    Hope you home sells quickly and for a good price.

  2. LOVE this list--I could use it too...except for the house-selling part. I look forward to seeing what gifts you are able to make. Thank you for sharing your list!

  3. Aaaahhhh...I love this list! Have fun with that sweet Grand-daughter!

  4. You have come up with a great list, Sandy!!

  5. A lovely list! I pray that house sells before 2010! Family - yes! God blessed us with family for a reason and I don't want to miss a bit of it! May everthing on your list come true!
    Jayne at mysongwithin

  6. Fabulous list and I'm sure it helps writing it all out. I enjoyed reading your post.

    I'm here with TWOC:

  7. Great list. Now get that house ready to sell! wink!

  8. great list - hope you sell your house :D