Friday, October 9, 2009


They did all three have a lot of fun painting pumpkins!

In Davis, OK, the Saturday night Halloween parade and carnival is a big deal.
Each elementary class chooses a boy and girl to represent their class in the contest for parade prince and princess and King and Queen.
The year that Jase was in Kindergarten and Kalyn was in 3rd grade, they were each chosen. Each year is a different theme. That year, it was "Parade of Produce".
Jase and his partner were apples, with him being an apple with a bite out of it.
You can barely see Kalyn's partner, because of his dark green costume.
He was "Mr. Q. Cumber", and Kalyn was "Miss Hedda Lettuce".

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  1. love those photos! The costumes are amazing!
    Love Collette xxx