Wednesday, January 5, 2011

the JOY of Experiencing 2011 and being Thankful!

Yea, it is Why I Count It All JOY Wednesday, and Angel has already posted this morning! I am so full of JOY because

Jase came back home to us last night from his mission trip to Nicarauga!

he was filled with JOY as I knew he would be to share with us what he experienced.

he had so many great stories to share with us about people coming to the Lord.

the 7 year old girl who went with them led 6 people to the Lord herself!

I haven't ever been to another country myself, but I knew that he would see people living in poverty, and I had heard before that the people that live like that are so much more content than we are sometimes. That is exactly what he shared, as he described the plastic and cardboard houses they live in. I often complain about the small kitchen we have now. He told of a family of 3 that live in something as small as our very small kitchen!

You can see in the background of the picture of Jase and Kalyn, that we haven't quiet got our Christmas decorations put away, yet. We will do that in the next day or so! We are busy experiencing every minute of every day.

Now, it's almost time to go to work, to keep up with a very strong, special girl. This time next week, I may or may not have a new job teaching English to at risk high school students. I have to wait until after the board meeting next Monday night to find out. Until then, I'm just living each day, counting it all JOY!

What is filling you with JOY today?
It is a true JOY to read other joyful posts, so go
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Thank you, Angel!


  1. Love your Joy!! My kids have gone on several mission trips and the stories are amazing. They just break your heart and make you learn to appreciate what you have. I was thrilled that you all posted your JOY last week. I was counting my joys, just didn't get to post.

    Love and Blessings

  2. I am so glad Jase made it home!! How awesome to hear all that God did :) What a precious little girl! I know we are all so spoiled here! I remember listening to a missionary and he was joking saying that when he came home just turning on a light was a Holy Ghost experience...electricity? what's that?? LOL

    I will be praying you get that job :)
    Love you my friend!

  3. I have only been to Mexico for a missions trip...I would love to go some where more remote sometime as a family.
    Let us know about the job!