Monday, June 21, 2010


I have so many subtitles for this post running through my head! I decided they all pretty much fall under the title, Monday's Mama Moments. However, I want it to be more than that. All of the comments on my last post called it a tribute to the Dads in my lives. I guess it was that, but I meant for it to be a prayer and encouragement to all others, just to cherish the moments.
I hope that the scripture
at the bottom of this post
will be an encouragement to you!
Jeff and all of his "children"

Father's Day 2010

Madasyn last Friday,

when "Gramma"

got to spend the day

enjoying her!

Jeff having fun,

wearing the silly hat.

Jase's Scripture Wall

behind him.

At the beginning of this year, Brooke @ A Life in Need of Change

invited us all to join her in
praying for our children.
Sandra @ Today's Housewife
wrote about that today.
I agreee that Brooke's idea
of posting her prayers
for her children on their walls
is an awesome idea!
I only have 1 child left at home,
most of the time,
and he has made his own
Scripture Wall.
I am praying for Jase,
as he is gone to church camp,
as a Junior Sponsor,
for the middle school students.
He wants to invest his life
in helping others.
He says, "That's what I'm here for!"
I pray that You will use him
in a special way this week.
I pray for
as she is working at that same camp
all summer.
I pray that You
will use her in a special way,
and that you will keep
everyone at Falls Creek safe.
Dear Lord,
I pray for
as he is
investing his life
in being the best
Husband and Daddy
that he can be,
and also investing
in the youth at church.
I thank You so much
for Adrianne and Madasyn
and for the baby boy
that is growing inside
of Adrianne.
Dear Lord,
I pray that we can all
claim the
scripture verse below.
Thank You so much
for all You do for us!

"You will find Him when you seek Him with all your heart and all your soul."
Dueteronomy 4:29


  1. Beautiful pictures! And I love the idea of putting our prayers for our children on their walls, that is a wonderful idea, I am going to do it! Thank you for this wonderful post!

  2. Loved your "moments" post. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, Sandy.

  3. Hi! Sandy, this is a precious post! I love that prayer wall!! never thought about something like this! Oh! it is just so awesome to have our Children serving Christ, for they are our future Churches! Praise God for their dedication to Him!! Just Rest in His Promise today! God Loves You! and me!!:) Thank you Jesus!, Just Thank YOU!