Thursday, April 22, 2010

THANKFUL THURSDAY entry # 2 for today--Parents' Anniversary!

Yesterday was my parents' 48th wedding anniversary! I am so thankful for their example of a Christian marriage, with God at the center of both their lives and their marriage, totally devoted to God first, then each other and then us-their family!

I couldn't ask for better parents. I am very thankful for them and their love for me and my family and their love and devotion for each other. I am thankful that they still like to travel together and just be together. I am thankful that they are celebrating at a nice, quiet cabin at a special place.

Mom will read this in a couple days, after they get back home. I hope that you enjoyed your time with Dad and nothing else calling for your attention. I already told you,

"Happy Anniversary!" Thank you, Mom, for being the best example to me, of what

God wants a wife to be. Thank you for all you do for all of our family!

We all love you and Dad very much!

I'm joining Greg and Lynn this week.Thank you both for hosting Thankful Thursdays!


  1. God bless your precious parents.

  2. Awww Sandy ~ Happy Anniversary to your parents! What a blessing and an amazing and precious example of love and devotion! To be celebrating on a romantic getaway with that many years is soooo very wonderful!

    May the spend many many more years enjoying the love the one another that the Lord gave and made stronger with each new day!

  3. What a wonderful legacy you've been given, and are able to pass on to your children.