Tuesday, August 3, 2010


My Bible study friends, minus a few

Summer Bible Study is coming to a close, and so is the Summer! I am so glad that I did this study, and I am so glad that God gave me friends to do it with me, in person, and on line.
This study has truly been a parallel to my life, not in the way that Ruth experienced, but it has just really been great for me.
I've got to publish this and get to my brand new job. I will tell you a little about it in my answers for today.
Because of my new job, I am going to miss the Bible study gathering with my friends on Friday, so all of you, if you come on here and read this, you can post your answers here for me, if you want.
Shelli and Amanda, who are sharing with me on here, I hope to hear from you soon!

Siesta Summer Bible Study Wrap Up

(from Beth Moore)
Hey, Siestas!
Our six-week study has flown by, hasn’t it? And so has the summer and just maybe we lived it a bit more victoriously because we were in Bible study together! I have enjoyed every second of it and I trust you have, too. Kelly’s way on paper really speaks to me. I’ve heard many of you say the same thing. Like we’ve done in our previous summer studies, I will devote a post entirely to our teacher at the end of the week and let you tell Kelly how much you received from her tutelage through God’s Word. Try to save your direct feedback to her for that time so she’ll be able to read every single comment. Look for that post around Friday.

Summer Siesta Bible Study – Ruth Final Week from LPV on Vimeo.
I hope you’ll be able to watch the video greeting but, as usual, I want to make sure you have your instructions for our final gathering also in print. So, here goes!
As you meet in your final gathering, you’ll discuss Weeks (or Sessions) Five and Six:
The first two interactives are in response to Week (or Session) Five:
1. Turn to p.122 and review the paragraph in the middle of the page beginning with the words, “I wonder if your life can be easily explained.” Follow your review by sharing what you wrote in reference to the “Personal Response” portion just below it, if you feel led.
2. Turn to p.136. Kelly wraps up Week Five by asking us to have a closing prayer time over the one thing that touched us most in that five-day unit. If you feel comfortable doing so, please share that one thing with your small group or, if you’re going solo, share it with me and the rest of your participating sisters.
The last two interactives are in response to Week (or Session) Six:
3. Turn to p.144 and look at the wonderful bold print at the bottom of the page. Review the answer to the question, “Who suddenly takes center stage and does this surprise you?” Then, glance up to the top of the next page (p.145) and share your answers to the “Personal Take.” Have fun looking over those next couple of paragraphs Kelly wrote about “you know, the women!”
(By the way, don’t you love the way Kelly had us go back to all those references that contained descriptions of Naomi? I thought it was so insightful.)
4. Day’s Four and Five are so powerful that I cannot choose just one portion for you to review. Please glance over the entire ending to the Bible study, stretching over both lessons, and share what you have gleaned from God concerning LEGACY. God is just better than He has to be, isn’t He?
Thank you, Siestas, for a great summer in God’s Word! I respect your relationships with Christ so much. I pray that He enjoys lurking here. He is everything to us.
Be thinking about how you’re going to stay in the Word this Fall! We’ll provide some accountability by asking you around the first of September about your plan for victory!
You are so loved and highly esteemed around here. Press on, Darling Things!
If you have time, it would also be great to go to Kelly Minter's site,
and at least watch the short video for session 6.
To my Bible study buddies and to my blogging buddies:
I love you all. Thank you for your prayers and encouraging words!
On Friday, at 11:00, my Bible study group is going to meet, without Shelley and I because we can't go out to Shannah's because of our jobs at the schools. We are going to meet for lunch at a local restaurant located between our 2 schools, and we will still get to have our Bible study time with each other! I am looking forward to it! I am missing the rest of you all a lot, but so glad that we did all get connected with each other and to God and daily Bible study.
Thank you all so much!!!


  1. 1. p. 122 I am loyal and devoted to God and then my family. I was just recently asked to help with Girl's Discipleship at church, and am very excited, because that has always been a passion and burden of mine.
    I am a certified, experienced teacher, but am willing to be an assistant istead of a teacher. I wrote that in my book a few days ago, and now it is true. I was hired yesterday and began working today!
    One thing that I am stuggling with is the examples in the Bible of when it means to leave your family behing. I believe that my first ministry is as a wife and mom to my family. I would like some input on this, please.

    2. p. 136-praying
    "Keep going, knowing that God will give the increase, believing that we can trust God with our future and that He knows our full name."
    He has something for me to do--a job in the future.
    Again, I wrote that a couple days ago, and it did come true!
    3. p.144
    Yes, the book is named for Ruth, and she was very loyal and obedient, and I like being compared to her, but I do understand it coming back to Naomi. I thought it was also a focus on "the Lord".
    My answer to why Naomi got such significant billing was
    "because God had caused her life to turn around and also because Ruth let her in on the blessing from God."
    Yes, "the women" are very important in our lives. My Monday post mentioned a little about the honor of visiting the Esther Sunday school class with my son. Also, my Mom's friends have been a big influence on my life, and I know that my Mom is one of "the women" in her church that has been a big influence on the lives of many.

    4. Legacy----
    Well, it's a little repeat of what I just wrote.
    I want to be one of "the women" in the church that I serve the Lord in. I want to make the difference in the lives of my children, and then in the lives of the young girls in our church, and in the children that I will be working with at my job. I also want to be good at being a Grandma! I want to leave a legacy!

  2. For our final session we had 6 including myself
    Richmond, VA

    We were so sad that this was our last session but we all really enjoyed this bible study and getting to know each other. The meal format was amazing and really helped encourage us to talk to one another and build relationship.

    Here are our responses:

    Question 1 “If the Lord is calling you to do the unusual, illogical, or sacrificial?”

    K- God is calling her to do the sacrificial. Many years ago her marriage fell apart and her 16 year old daughter who was always a good kid and on the A honor roll got pregnant. Her daughter took great care of herself all during the pregnancy and up until about the baby was 6 months old. Around the 6 month mark her daughter was living with her boyfriend and was in a really bad situation. K had to make a choice a very sacrificial choice. She met with her daughter and had a heart to hear with her. Explained that she just couldn’t stand seeing her grandkid being raised in such poor conditions and she wanted to step in and raise him. To her surprise her daughter agreed and they went before a judge and K took custody of her grandson. She said she is thankful everyday to have him in her life she just never expected to be at her age and where she is in life with a toddler.

    A- God is asking me to go beyond myself. Go beyond how I feel and how qualified I feel and just do. Not to live in fear of what He might accomplish through me.

    Question 2 “Share your response to the closing prayer”

    K- Stepping out in faith and surrendering to God her worries about some issues with her grandson. Praying that she is doing all the right things in raising him. Making all the right decisions and choices in his growth.

    A- Thankful to God for choosing me.

    M- Surrendering to God some issues that she has been dealing with for some time. She is finally at a point where she is leaving it in God’s hands to mover her on or fix her situation.

    T- Being a single parent. Learning to trust God with finances and be willing to be made willing

    J- Stepping out in faith to do some things that God has recently placed on her heart. A project that she feels like she might not be qualified for but God is telling her to do it and do it now.

    We got so caught up in the last question that we skipped to the next question. “Glance over Days 4 and 5 about legacy and share what you gleaned from the most concerning legacy”

    T- Everything we do at this moment and every moment that follows leaves a legacy

    A- Seeing the geneology of Jesse and Rahab and the journey that Naomi went on. Such an encouraging story at this point in my life and the season that i’m in to know that God will turn this around and who knows where this path will lead.

    M- God is always with us and we need to get with God

    What an incredible experience for hosting my first bible study. I really enjoyed getting to know my wonderful group of ladies. The food was amazing and so was the fellowship. I posted some pictures and more about our experience on my blog www.itsmrsthegreat.blogspot.com

  3. Sandy, I just wanted to tell you that I love the picture of those happy ladies...joy in the Lord is so evident in their faces.