Monday, April 13, 2009

It was a Blessed Easter!

Listen to this, O Job, Stop and consider the wondrous works of God.
Job 37:14

Considering just a few of His wondrous works:

Every single piece of nature created by Him!

His Son who He sent to live a life of ministry, and then sent Him to the cross for us, then raised Him from the grave and to Heaven with Him!

Family, Friends, Health, Jobs, . . .
Jeff, Jase and I began Easter morning with the "Classic" service complete with Handbells, Orchestra, Choir and a great message. Jeff and I enjoyed the Love Dare Sunday school lesson. Jase stayed for the Contemporary church service.
Then we drove to Denison for lunch at my Mom and Dad's.
Our 6 year old nephew, Camden got excited with me about making the Ressurection Crescent Rolls.
Mom prepared a delicious dinner.
I got the privilege of doing what our Aunt Mary did for us. I hid the eggs for Camden.
Josh, Adrianne and Madasyn came later after celebrating with Adrianne's family at her Granny's. Madasyn already had her own basketful of eggs.
Camden and Jase hid Camden's eggs again for Madasyn, Grandma and Grandpa to hunt.
Camden didn't mind letting her hunt his eggs, and she didn't expect to keep them. I thought that was really great of both of them!
We missed Kalyn, Danny, Alyssa, Melanie and Zachary.
Jeff, Jase and I got to see all of them on Saturday and will be with them again this coming Saturday.
Kalyn went to church and lunch (and nap) with them, so they got to be family for each other.

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