Thursday, December 30, 2010

Simple Pleasures Thursday

I am late with this post and am going to have to do it really quickly, because this has been a day full of Simple Pleasures! (I didn't get it done quickly enough. It was date night with my husband, a simple pleasure, so I had to get off the computer!)

First, after hubby went to work, and I had my quiet time, I drove to my brother's house in the country, to spend some time with him, my sis in love, my son, and these precious little ones!

Their smiling faces and hugs are some of the best Simple Pleasures in the world!

I have been to my brothers' house many times, but haven't driven it myself many times. I always miss a couple turns, and today was no different. I was simply pleased when I saw a road sign that told me I was going the right direction. When I got there, Gabby ran to me and looked up at me with a big smile. I grabbed her up and gave her the big hug she was wanting. That was definitely a SIMPLE PLEASURE! I was only able to stay long enough to hold and feed my baby grandson (a simple pleasure!) and eat a bowl of Taco Soup very quickly. (simple pleasure!) I drove almost an hour to spend just an hour and then drive more than an hour again to make it to my hair appointment. (which I didn't make it to on time, but communicated with my friend/hairstylist on the way, and she made it work. That was a simple pleasure.)
Then, I went by to visit Mom, just her and me sitting on her couch visiting. That was a simple pleasure. The picture of her was taken the day before, when my son met me at her home for a visit.

I pray that you'll take time in 2011 to enjoy the Simple Pleasures of life!

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  2. Sandy, what a heartwarming and heartfelt post about one of God's most wonderful gifts ... family. What darling children. You've captured the spirit of Simple Pleasures so well.

  3. If we all take the time to look around, we will find, just as you did, that so many moments in our day are simple pleasures. Blessings to you and yours for a healthy and happy new year. Tammy

  4. Such a sweet post. Family is a precious gift. To be able to spend time with them is even more precious. I love your blog and it's spirit. I am your newest follower. Happy New Year,Ginger